About Us
  • 1996

    School "Brincando e Aprendendo" foundation

  • 2003

    Opening the first class of Elementary School and name changed to Bê-a-bá School

  • 2007

    Opening the first class of Middle School and name changed to Pectrus School

  • 2012

    Adoption of Anglo Learning System

  • 2013 onwards...

    Award of best school in Hortolândia in every year since 2013

  • 2015

    Insertion of "Programming, Robotics and Entrepreneurship" classes in the curriculum

  • 2018

    Became a Bilingual School


Anglo Learning System

Anglo's directors have always had the sensibility and common sense to unite the accumulated knowledge in the past with the talent and competence of the youngest teachers.

The initial slogan - "Here we teach, here we learn" - remains in force. The goal is one: quality teaching.

Pectrus Kids

In addition to the Anglo System of Education, in Child Education we have several complementary pedagogical projects.

In the Pectrus Kids curricular grade are included activities as: Karate, Ballet, English Classes and Swimming.

Pectrus Elementary

The Anglo Learning System is also adopted for our Pectrus Elementary students and Pectrus Junior. In this segment we also have extra pedagogical projects for each age.

In addition, all students in the 2nd grade onwards have "Programming, Robotics and Entrepreneurship" classes inserted in the curriculum that help to contextualize the content learned in the classroom.

Bilingual Education

As our main goal is to prepare our students for the challenges of the future, within the school all students are immersed in American culture and language. In addition to the inclusion of 5 weekly English classes for part-time students and 10 weekly classes for full time students, students are encouraged to speak English during all school activities (entrance, departure, physical education, swimming and pedagogical projects). For students in Pectrus Elementary and Pectrus Juniors, the revision of some subjects of the curriculum is also taught in English.

The team responsible for Bilingual Education is composed of 2 Fluent Managers, 4 Fluent Teachers and 1 Fluent Monitor who worked with children during 2 years in the United States.

The teaching material used is from Macmillan. Macmillan is a publisher for more than 170 years in the publishing world and is part of Macmillan Publishers (responsible for internationally prestigious publications such as the journal Nature and the Grove Dictionary of Music and Musicians), controlled by the Springer Nature group.


From the 2nd grade of Pectrus Elementary onward all our students have the discipline "Programming, Robotics and Entrepreneurship" inserted in the curriculum. The aim of this discipline is to contextualize through technology, abstract materials seen in the classroom.

Pectrus Elementary students studies Scratch (Children's Programming Tool developed by MIT) and Lego MindStorm (Children's Lego Robotics Platform).

Pectrus Juniors students studies Visual Studio (Microsoft Programming Platform) and Arduino (Open Source Robotics Platform).

We are Microsoft partners. This partnership is responsible for providing the programming tools necessary for our students to carry out the activities. We are also Saguitech partner. This partnership is responsible for the entire lesson plan of the classes. For more information about the partnership, click on the logos below:


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